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Located in the volcano with the same name, Chicabal´s Laggon it´s the main natural patrimony of San Martin Sacatepéquez, known also as San Martin Chile Verde, one of the 24 municipalities of the department of Quetzaltenango, in the west of the country.

The volcano and the lagoon are considered, since the Mayan Commission, one of the most important sacred sites, when annually 40 days after Holly Week, hundreds of people came to visit the lagoon, to participate in the rain request ceremony. In this place it conjugates the Mayan Mam espirituality with the natural mountainous landscape, the lagoon and the environs.

In biologycal terms, Chicabal distinguishes by being one of the last cloudy woods of this region of Guatemala, with its own flora and fauna, characteristics of the ecosystems of this place.

Threes like the Aliso, chichicaste, escobillo and aguacatillo, are armadillos, rabitts, squirrels, wild boars, frogs, salamanders, snakes natural habitats and birds like sparrowhawks, owls, pink chipes, trogones, quetzals, woodpickers, colibris and guardabarrancos.

The Lagoon is localizated at 2,712 meters over the sea level, with more than 19 hectares of surface and 331 mt of deep.

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